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Senior Design provides, over the course of two semesters, collaborative design experiences with a problems of industrial or societal significance. Projects can originate with an industrial sponsor, from an engineering project on campus, or from other industrial or academic sources. In all cases, a project is a capstone experience that draws extensively from the student's engineering and scientific background and requires independent judgments and actions. Advice from the faculty and industrial sponsors is made readily available. The projects generally involve a number of unit operations, a detailed economic analysis, simulation, use of industrial economic and process software packages, and experimentation and/or prototype construction. The economic thread initiated in Design VI is continued in the first semester of Senior Design by close interaction on a project basis with E 421. Leadership and entrepreneurship are nourished throughout all phases of the project. The project goals are met stepwise, with each milestone forming a part of a final report with a common structure.

For the 2009-2010 academic year, Group 11's project was titled a Propulsion System for a Micro-Underwater Robot. The group is composed of Mechanical Engineering seniors: Syed Bilal Haider, Chenxue Li, George Murillo, and Christopher Wetzel. Group 11's Team Advisor is Dr. Yong Shi.